Tomorrow I Will Come


Tomorrow I Will Come is an Advent audio devotional project produced by Marina Christian Fellowship that is based on the“O Antiphons.” 


What are the O Antiphons


Antiphon - a short passage, usually from the Bible, recited or sung as a preface or response before and/or after certain parts of a liturgical service, usually a Psalm. 


The “O Antiphons” are traditionally read or chanted during the evening daily prayers (Vespers) on the final 7 nights of Advent leading up to Christmas Eve (December 17th - 23rd). They often precede the “Magnificat”, known as the Song of Mary. Each of the 7 Antiphons is based on a name or attribute of Christ found in the writings of the prophet Isaiah. The well known Advent carol, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” was based on the O Antiphons with each verse corresponding to one of the antiphons.


Various members of our fellowship have written a reflective devotional for each one of these antiphons. We then recorded these meditations along with the corresponding antiphon. That is followed by the appropriate verse of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and the “Magnificat” or Song of Mary (Luke 1:46-55). 


We hope that you will take a few minutes each day on the week leading up to Christmas to listen, pray, and meditate on the real meaning of the season; God’s salvation to us through Jesus Christ! 




December 17th - O Sapientia (O WISDOM)

December 18th - O Adonai (O ADONAI)

December 19th - O Radix Jesse (O ROOT OF JESSE)

December 20th - O Clavis David (O KEY OF DAVID)

December 21st - O Oriens (O MORNING STAR)

December 22nd - O Rex Gentium (O KING OF NATIONS)

December 23rd - O Emmanuel (O EMMANUEL)


The beginning letters of the titles of the “O Antiphons” when taken backward form the acrostic, ERO CRAS which translated from Latin means “Tomorrow, I will come.” This reflects the theme of Advent.




Ruben Luna - O Wisdom

Kevin Cushing - O Adonai

Dan Davidson - O Root of Jesse

Trisha Welstad - O Key of David

Sanseria Murray - O Morning Star

Samantha Davidson - O King of Nations

J. Brooke Fenwick - O Emmanuel



Kevin Cushing - Meditations

Sanseria Murray - Antiphons & Magnificat


Keyboard and Vocal - Angela Vicente

Audio Production - Tiku Robinson