Searching Scripture



While learning to study the Bible is important, we must always remember that it isn't primarily a religious text book full of instructions and rules about life to learn.  The Bible is the main way God is revealed to us. If you aren't very familiar with the Bible, it can seem very strange, confusing, or even offensive at times. That's because it is an ancient text written in cultures very different from our own. That does not make it irrelevant. Having a basic understanding of the Bible and how to approach it is probably the most important place to start. Fortunately there is a great web resources for getting to know scripture. It is filled with interesting, relevant, and entertaining animated videos on the books and major themes of the Bible. Check out THE BIBLE PROJECT!
Spending regular, daily time, slowly reading, meditating on, and praying the Bible is a powerful way to deepen a relationship with God and to allow God's grace to continually flow into our lives. How do we do this?  There is no one right way.  It starts with a desire to draw closer to God.  If the desire is not there, start by asking God to stir up that desire for a closer relationship.  Next, there are some important things to remember as you approach God's Word:
1.  It is God's Spirit who inspired the writing and passing on of the Bible.  The same Spirit who inspired the Bible is available to speak to each of us through it.
2.  Although the Bible contains some factual historical information, it should not be read as a literal authoritative historical or scientific account. Rather the Bible is a "library" filled with all kinds of genres of liturature. The power of the Bible is more the way in which it can reveal God, humanity, and your own complex human nature in ways that are transformative if you read it in order to "listen" to God speak to you.  

3.  Although it is important to cover the whole Bible, it is also important to SLOW DOWN and enter a conversation with God through reading, meditating on, and praying as you read scripture.  There is an ancient method of doing this that is being revived today known as LECTIO DIVINA. Here are links to a couple of resources which can help you get started with Lectio.