Identity Groups


Identity Groups are small groups which meet consistently for about 18 months.  The purpose of an Identity Group is to help you to understand and live into the true you.  The true uniquely good person we each were created to be is buried under a false, or constructed self.  We all create a false identity because we have been given messages which tell us who we are supposed to be if we are to be accepted.  In identity groups we learn to see ourselves and others through the eyes of grace. We learn to tell the truth about ourselves and each other.  We learn to affirm in each other our basic truth. We are God’s well loved children in whom God is very pleased. We will then practice living that truth in all areas of our lives (our relationships, finances, health, emotions, and soul).


Certain Identity Groups are only open to those who have completed Grace Trek. We encourage everyone to start there.


Upcoming Identity Group Schedule: