Who Are We?


At MCF, find meaning and purpose where there is no judgment, only love! This world can be judgmental enough. Nobody needs a judgmental church. Though no church is perfect, our prayer is that all who join us will be able to see Christ more clearly and know Him more closely and that we would help and never hinder to that end.  Therefore all are welcome regardless of background, lifestyle, or current location on the journey of faith!


Our Purpose


To be restored in order to restore.


Our Mission


To return the broken to wholeness in an expanding community of grace and compassion.


What We Value


  1. The Whole Gospel (Good News of Jesus) - Salvation is all of creation healed.  It is the restoration of our relationship with God, self, others, and the earth.

  1. Radical Grace and Hospitality - Nobody has to check any part of themselves at the door in order to be welcomed.  We strive to welcome all, just as Jesus did. 


  1. Safety and Authenticity - We are a no BS zone!  Nobody has to manage their image. It’s safe to be you here. Joy, laughter, lament, and tears are all a part of our life together.

  1. Grace Fueled Restoration - We are not a sin management program driven by religious dogma, rules, and standards.  God’s grace helps us to grow into our true selves which God created and treasures.

  1. Imitation of Christ - We do not ask Jesus into our lives as much as he calls us to follow him into his, and as we do, we become more fully human in the way God intended.

  1. Unity in Diversity - There is no unity without diversity.  Without diversity, there is only conformity. We don’t necessarily look alike, act alike, or believe alike. But we strive to love alike.

  1. Living the Mission - Church doesn’t just happen on Sunday mornings when we gather.  It happens the rest of the week when we scatter. Wherever we go, the church goes. We are sent to love and serve in our homes, schools, workplaces, and hang out spaces.