Body Prayer


After getting up from bed...  

1.  Stand erect and stretch up with your arms above your head in a “V” position with palms upward and open.  As you do this, breathe deeply and welcome the presence of God through the Holy Spirit to be with you this day.  


2.  Relax and begin to stretch slowly down to your toes.  Relax and allow your body to go limp as you feel the pull of gravity.  Release tension, fear, and anxiety about the coming day.  


3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 above.  On step 1 welcome the Lord’s strength and help and commit to do things God’s way today.  On step 2 continue to release troubling emotions that come when we are doing things in our own strength.  Continue these steps as many times as you would like until you are ready to move on.


Move on