Repeatedly in scripture the call of the people of God has been to go to others and share the love and grace of God. As Jesus spends his last moments with his disciples he gives them the call to, "Go to all nations and show them how to follow me by teaching and baptizing them in my name."

God often calls us to go beyond our family, friends and those near us and challenges us to to go to the distant nations. Or church family provides two ways that we can respond to God's call to go to the nations. First is the VISA Ministry which organizes short term trips for individuals and groups, these trips can vary in length from two weeks to six months. Secondly, Free Methodist World Missions equips and supports persons who are interest in long term trips. 

In addition to these two programs we encourage you to discover the many ways you can support the work that is being done oversees. 

VISA Ministries

Short term missions for individuals and groups.

Long term missions and support for missionaries on the field. 

Support a child in a different part of the globe. Children receive education, nutrition, and health assistance. 

Provides holistic support including training, health and schooling in Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, and Sudan.

Provides training and support for Christian micro-enterprises that seek to help the poor through Livelihood projects. 

Empowers communities in developing countries to gain safe water, adequate sanitation, effective hygiene, and the knowledge of Jesus’ love.