Worship with Us



Basic Service Info

Starting in March 2017 we will scale down to ONE worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM.  Service run about 75 minutes.  Casual attire or dress up, either is fine!  If you have children, check out what we have going on for

kids and youth on Sunday mornings.  Need DIRECTIONS?  We hope you will join us soon!  



What Are Our Services Like?

Our services at MCF are fresh expressions of God centered celebration firmly grounded in the ancient tradition of Christian worship. Music reflects the varied tastes of our diverse urban congregation. However the content of worship always takes priority over style. We believe that when we come together for worship that we are brought together to be centered in God and God's story. We celebrate what God has done, is doing, and continues to do in our world. In fact, worship is one of the main ways we are brought into God's continuing "drama." We strive for our worship services to be something in which we all participate and not merely stage centered inspirational entertainment.  Through our worship we are shaped by God's priorities and sent out to love and serve God in this world.  There are four movements that shape our worship services:


During this first part of the service we are called to worship, we invite God’s presence, we confess, and we praise God in song.  Coming into a church service to worship with others can be a powerful reminder of how, at some point, God TOOK us out of an isolated spiritual darkness and gave us a new identity, direction, and purpose with others in God's family.   


During the second part of the service, we focus on God’s Word. We read it, and the pastor teaches on it. We respond in song and through prayer. The scripture reveals Jesus Christ, the Living WORD, to us. God is rescuing us and His good world from the ruin of sin and its damages. The Word teaches us how to align our lives with the life of Jesus Christ so that we can enjoy the BLESSING of living the way we were created; free to love God completely and our neighbors as ourselves.


During this segment of the service, we celebrate Holy Communion. The communion table is open to all who are trusting in the grace of God for the forgiveness of sins and who seek to live at peace with everyone. Those who prefer not to participate are free to remain seated during communion. Each of us are broken by the effects of sin. Our brokenness causes isolation and separation. Jesus gave his body to be BROKEN to heal our brokenness. Each time we break bread, we remember what God did through Jesus to save and heal us and we say, “Thank you.” The Holy Spirit meets us and makes real the presence of Jesus in our midst. We are brought into communion with Christ and with one another.


As we close, we are then SENT out in the blessing of God to GIVE what we have received. Just as Jesus gave himself for us, we now go to give ourselves to be bread for this world. We make Jesus known through our loving acts of service and sharing the stories of what Christ has done in our lives.