Monastic Retreat Objectives:

1.  To get away from the "noise" of everyday life to draw close to God and to hear from Him.

2.  To understand the "what" and "why" of spiritual transformation.

3.  To confront the obstacles that hinder transformation in our lives.

4.  To come away with a "game plan" for overcoming obstacles in order to be transformed. 


Current Retreat Location:

Saint Mary's Retreat House

Santa Barbara, CA


Next Retreat:

November, 2010

Pre-Retreat Resources


Videos about monastic life.  Before attending the retreat, watch this video (in 2 parts) about a monastic way of life.  Notice the values of simplicity and community and the daily rhythms of work and prayer.  Can these values and rhythms be incorporated into our often very busy and demanding lives?  What would be the challenges?  What would be the benefits?


Video 1

Video 2


The Daily Office.  The daily office is the ancient practice of praying at various "fixed hours" of the day.  Monastic life is structured around the daily office.  Read an article on the history of fixed hour prayer.  Also check out these daily office resources available on this web-site.


A Brief History of Fixed Hour Prayer

Prayer Points

Pause for Prayer (A Daily Office for busy people)


Lectio Divina.  Lectio Divina is an ancient monastic practice of prayer and meditation on the scripture.


How to Practice Lectio Divina


Post-Retreat Resources



Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

This is a classic on spiritual disciplines


The Sacred Way by Tony Jones

A primer on ancient Christian spiritual practices.  A good introduction.


The Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen

Beautifully written on spiritual living in a secular world.  Based on a true story.


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

Unveils what's wrong with conventional ways of "spiritual growth" and offers a deeper and more authentic path to change that works.


Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard

This book gets right down to the heart of the matter when it comes to spiritual transformation.  Not an easy read, but well worth the investment!


The Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner

A fun and humorous read on the author's unique approach to spirituality that invites the reader into a life of spiritual discipline.


Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner

Another humorous and frank memoir by Lauren Winner as she let's the reader into her spiritual journey through the Christian year.


Daily Prayer Resources

Please refer to the Pre-Retreat resources above.


The Divine Hours (3 Volumes) by Phylis Tickle

A great introduction to praying the daily office.


Chanting the Psalms: A Practical Guide with Instructional CD by Cynthia Bourgeault

For the musically inclined who want to add a powerful dimension to prayer.  Chant the Psalms like the monks.


Laudamus by Church of the Apostles

This free web-link is modern musical morning and evening prayer liturgy by Church of the Apostles in Seattle, WA.  Morning prayer begins on track #1 and evening prayer begins on track #12.  It is available for sale through iTunes and Rhapsody


Chant from the Hermitage by John Michael Talbot

This CD features chant in English.  This is siimilar to the chant experienced at Monastic Retreat, but with beautiful nylon string guitar accompaniment.  Great as a background to prayer, meditation, or relaxation.